Pablo Bolívar releases, on his own label  Seven Villas Music, a new compilation album – called “The Obscure Figure”- which contains 5 new and exclusive tracks: ‘Probably never’, ‘Cleaning the sky’, ‘Leaves without shadows feat. Upercent’, ‘Void’ and ‘Vacumn’. The rest of the tracklist is comprised of ‘Frequency’, ‘Black mamba’, ‘Vibrations’, ‘The spark’ & ‘Escape from galaxy five feat. Dosem’. In this record, as we have already mentioned, two Spanish electronic talents have actively collaborated: Upercent, from Valencia and Dosem, from Girona. Moreover, both of them get out of their usual  sound comfort zone in order to give Bolívar what he asked for: introspective, dark and emotional risk, which would make us fly awake, with our feet pinned to the sky.

‘The obscure figure’ is a choral work in which the producer from Cantabria takes a chance on futuristic, sensitive and abyssal electronics. It is as deep, minimalistic and ambient as is intelligent and sophisticatedly clubbing when required. We are facing a record which seeks for, overall,  auditory dreaminess, which craves for the listener’s reaction to the impact, or the cuddle from every beat on their inside. Pablo’s production is meticulous, velvety, it seems perfectly tempered. Sometimes, he lets himself go with the mild darkness of the summery twilight and some other times he dances to the sound of hopeful Autumn sunsets, both synthetic and flashing. No wonder, Bolívar keeps on deepening down the soul of his signature sound – which goes from house and  techno to IDM and dub, always from a deep approach- and which plays, experiments and enjoys along places he only knows but we all indulge in.