Good things come to those who wait. True to this phrase the joint project by Pablo Bolivar and Mastra aka Stefan Willenegger emerged after an extensive period of time. Nevertheless words were still rapidly followed by deeds. It’s the year 2012. Pablo was in Berne already for the second time to present his compositions as part of the Sirion Liaison at the Kapitel Bollwerk to an interested audience. Such opportunities are often ideal times for joint studio jam sessions as was this visit. The meeting brought forth creative work between the two musicians, which they attemted to intensify. No sooner said than done – several exciting song sketches made their way back to the Iberian Peninsula. Influenced by interpersonal harmonies that were mutually understood as meaningful enrichment and ultimately extended to so much more than purely technical exchange. The cooperation was not very effortless due to distance as well as visibly moving facets. Thus, the resulting songs are characterized by their sensual sound. Both men speak a very similar language, moreover, they are in their human nature like-minded people, which may explain the successful convergence in this conception. However, the abilities and characters of each artist are clearly evident in the songs. Two other Bernese musicians have additionally shaped the project. The guitarist Bernard Siffert and saxophonist Thomas Ott could specifically make their mark. From today’s perspective, the songs seem to have a timeless span and a style that can’t be clearly categorized. Fact is: Detailed and playful dance music for the sensitive and delicate nature, with a fresh summery touch! The four songs are ultimately found on two «dark» sides. Hard to tell them apart by eye, however, audibly varied in captivating differences – listen!