Galaktika goes all the way this summer and prints a limited edition vinyl, this time there a some heavy weight names on their number 29 release.
Pablo Bolivar is a respected artist of the spanish scene, no wonder why he already has publish two amazing albums.

In Dynamo you can listen to a smooth organ that touches your soul ,an incredible deep house tune to be played when the sun is just about to come out, a good reason why deep house will always last forever.

In Wood City Bolivar takes his rhythm in a journey with a lots of feeling and with an elegant essence define with smooth vocals and heavy baselines, also a tune that will last in time.

The first remix is in charge of one of the main man in the Bpich Control family. Kiki goes for a classic remix that keeps the groove and the flow the entire track, he bets for the synth as a main dish. He also adds some nice percussions to it and deliver us a incredible Tech House tune for the summer.

Iron Curtis is a new name but for sure is rising star of the Berlin scene. He takes every part of the remix and converts it in hole new different song. A deep house tune full of passion and with a great harmony to close down a big room