For a long time, Pablo Bolivar and Joerg Schuster have floated through the endless expanses of space as independent flying objects to bring their impressive concept of music into the cosmos. And yet the two monoliths resemble each other in many ways. An aesthetic understanding of complex soundscapes, a love of organic sounds, embracing gently wavering melodic surfaces and groove as far as the eyes can see. And as if their gathering was preordained since the birth of space, these two characterful individuals now fuse together on their first joint album «DETAILS AM RANDE».

Pablo and Joerg have created ten tracks in intensive sessions on the Cantabrian coast. Artful productions that take you on a journey through infinity and through space and time. Organic warmth of instrumentation serves as a catalyst in the tracks and combines with elements of dub techno, minimal, ambient and other electronic genre variations – always with a warm and embracing crackle between the lines.

With their new album, Pablo and Jörg manage to touch body and mind without hesitation and make direct contact with the neural pathways. On the one hand, it is a soulful, danceable ride through vibrant pulsars and undiscovered galaxies. On the other hand, the two artists create a self-contained, profound concept full of details to be discovered. An exhilarating flight into infinity full of beautiful synthesizers and smooth drum patterns.

Gentle rhythms, groove and flashing effect sections characterise the album. At the same time, a remarkable closeness to nature and organic sound succeeds. Contrasts come together playfully on «DETAILS AM RANDE» – melancholy meets momentum and loneliness meets recognition – to create something completely unique. Entire worlds of images are created by the compositions and make it possible to dive into them and surrender completely. It is all about the details. It’s about «DETAILS AM RANDE».

Cover by Joerg Schuster.
Mastered by Human Mastering.