«This is a special release no doubt. Deepchord, Deepnaut, Pulshar and Braulio Lam were specifically chosen to head up this treasured task of taking Linval’s ‘World Crisis’ into their realms.

‘World Crisis’ is Linval’s message and it is as definitive as ever. The overall traditional dub concept is to feature different voices over the same instrumental where this, flips the script and each version has a different electronic music producer add their talents to create their own signature account.

The Deepnaut version shimmers in a euphoric glow that covers you like a sun on the beach in summer. Linval’s voice is front and center and one could say this may be the most single oriented as it uses the most vocals of any of the renditions here.

Braulio Lam’s submission has all the makings of a classic styled dub track. While the beat is transcendent, everything else is processed in a new school way. And the technique is next level to be clear.

Next is Deepchord’s version. To say this is the deepest and most techno might not be much of a surprise. The groove is addictive and the chords sampled into the rhythm while the melody ebbs and flows are pure magic.

Lastly, Pulshar breaks things down to the starkest of the choices and one of the most hypnotic. Pablo Bolivar and Sergio Sainz Vidal from Pulshar have a knack for injecting some dark and deep island vibes to the electronic scene.

The artwork respects the history of dub culture while advancing the application as it uses AI generated images combined with human elements.»
– Tim Humphey